Archives Phone: 657-1138


Bill Kehler
MLS University of Arizona,
BS Eastern Montana College,
Director of Library since Aug. 2006.
Prior to being Director was Assistant Director since 1995. or (406) 657-1140

Bobbi Otte
MLS Drexel University
BS MSU-Billings
Assistant Director since Aug. 2007.
Prior to being Assistant Director was Library Associate since Sept. 2000. or (406) 657-1086

Bethany Dopp
BA MSU-Billings
Library Associate since Aug. 2007. or (406)657-1087

Alice O'Reilly
MLS University of California at Berkeley
BA Loyola Marymount University
Library Assistant since Jan. 2008 or (406) 657-1139

License Granted to Rocky Mountain College